Featured Mortgage Specialist: William Fu


Vancity Mobile Mortgage Specialist

William FuIf you have mortgage questions, William has the answers!

Should you choose a variable rate or fixed rate mortgage? Or maybe a combination of the two? How much are you able to afford as your monthly investment? How can the mortgage be tailored to fit your unique needs? The options may seem confusing, and the process daunting, but William specializes in making things simple. He’ll answer your mortgage questions and work closely with you, to help you find the mortgage that fits your personal needs.

William can also explain how a Vancity mortgage gives back to you and your neighbourhood. He’s been offering mortgage solutions for over ten years, helping many buyers find the ideal mortgage package, tailored to exactly fit their financial goals. Whether you’re buying or selling, exploring your options in transferring a mortgage to Vancity, or refinancing your existing mortgage to consolidate debt, William has the your answers.

Please take a moment to contact William in the form below. As a mobile mortgage specialist, he works on your schedule.