Main St Sports


The Main Street Vancouver area is the perfect place to enjoy sports of all kinds, from watching professionals battle it out on the field to enjoying a fun family competition or practicing to reach perfection. No matter the sport or experience level, Main Street Vancouver offers up something for everyone.

As one of the greenest areas in British Columbia, Main St. Vancouver is home to a plethora of community parks that are perfect for outdoor sports like field hockey, football, soccer, and more. Many have fields and courts specifically designed for various sports, while others simply offer up green spaces that can be used for a variety of sports. ‘Andy Livingstone Park‘ in the Chinatown neighbourhood is a fantastic place for these types of sports, offering up a double, artificial turf, lighted field that is quite popular amongst residents who enjoy soccer and field hockey. In the Strathcona neighbourhood, ‘Strathcona Park‘ is the perfect place for an outdoor game of basketball, offering up a court in addition to a skate park and a climbing wall.

Every neighbourhood in the Main Street Vancouver area boasts an excellent community or recreation center that caters to sports players of many kinds. ‘Hillcrest Centre‘ in Mount Pleasant and the ‘Sunset Community Recreation Centre‘ in Sunset both offer ice rinks that are perfect for individuals who love hockey, ice skating and figure skating. Many of these recreation centres also offer planned sports and activities that are affordable and easy to join. For instance, the ‘Creekside Community Recreation Centre‘ plays host to a variety of scheduled games, including badminton and basketball. Players can register for games or simply drop in and play if space is available.  Some offer lessons for those who would like to perfect their abilities with certain sports or recreational activities.

Clubs exist throughout the Main Street Vancouver area for a variety of sports and activities, making it easy for those who are interested to get involved. The ‘Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club‘ and the ‘Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club‘ are great examples; the latter practices and plays at Queen Elizabeth Park and welcomes drop-ins who are interested in playing a round or two. ‘Tennis BC‘ offers yearly  memberships which permit players to join in competitions and play for trophies and awards. The ‘Queen Elizabeth Tennis Club‘ welcomes new members and practices and plays at the Queen Elizabeth Park tennis courts, which are also open to the public.

Sports programs of all kinds are offered through most of the middle and high schools throughout Vancouver, making it easy for children to get involved in the sports they love most. The Main Street Vancouver area makes it very easy to get out and enjoy the sports and activities individuals love, from super exciting hockey games to fast-paced tennis matches. The huge variety of community parks, recreation centres and organizations available throughout the area are a large benefit to residents and visitors.