Main St Vancouver Shopping


When it comes to shopping in the Main Street area of Vancouver, residents and visitors have a wide range of options. Much like the people who live here, the retail industry is vibrant and diverse, so individuals of all tastes and preferences can find something to suit them.

It’s fun and exciting to spend the day hunting for antiques and treasures in one of the many antique shops, second-hand stores and consignment shops throughout the Main Street area. Those searching for beautiful clothing from decades past will enjoy flipping through the racks at ‘F as in Frank Vintage Clothing,’ located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood on Main Street. For the bibliophile, ‘Carson Books and Records‘ in the Riley Park – Little Mountain neighbourhood offers up a huge array of used books and records just waiting to be enjoyed.

Fashionistas love the numerous clothing and fashion stores in the Main Street area of Vancouver. Whether it’s the latest designer bag or a formal dress for a friend’s wedding, chances are the perfect item is awaiting shoppers in one of Vancouver’s quaint neighbourhoods. Chinatown’s ‘Angel Vancouver‘ has a huge selection of beautiful clothing, all hand-designed and created by owner Jackie Haliburton. For the man in search of the perfect outfit to keep him looking sharp, ‘Haven‘ on Cordova Street in the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood has it all.

Sometimes, shopping is a necessity and those who are in a rush know just how convenient it can be to pop into a corner store for the staples. Main Street Vancouver boasts convenience stores in every neighbourhood, on virtually every corner. This makes it easy for individuals to scoot in and grab items they’ve run out of, whether it’s groceries like milk, eggs, bread and coffee, or other household goods. ‘Sunrise Market‘ in Chinatown is an excellent example; customers can quickly find a range of produce, packaged foods, meat, dairy and seasonal items without the need for a trip to the grocery store. Main Street Vancouver offers up a large variety of grocery stores in addition to the farmer’s markets on Station Street and Grant Street, where seasonal produce is always available.

When it comes to larger purchases, such as home appliances, electronics or even vehicles, Main Street Vancouver offers up top-notch retailers for every budget. ‘Main & Matrix‘ on Fraser Street in the Riley Park – Little Mountain neighbourhood has everything needed for home audio, from top of the line stereos to high-performance speakers. ‘Blue Star Motors‘ in Mount Pleasant offers up high-quality used cars for every budget, while dealers dotted throughout the Main Street area offer brand new vehicles in all brands, types and styles.

There’s no doubt that Main Street Vancouver is a shopper’s paradise, whether it’s time to make small purchases that are essential for day to day living or larger purchases that require some time and thought. Combine the wide range of options with the excellent customer service and friendly store staff and owners, and shopping in the Main Street area is a pleasure.