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Riley Park - Little Mountain

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A Main Street Community in Vancouver, BC

Within larger subsections of the city, there are smaller neighborhoods, most of which have their own nicknames. Riley Park is located near the Nat Bailey Stadium. At one time, a quarry was present at the Queen Elizabeth Park site, and the quarry’s name was Little Mountain. This was the inspiration for the neighborhood’s name.

The city of Vancouver began a big push of revitalizing communities in the 1980s, Riley Park and Little Mountain included. Essentials like schools and healthcare were prioritized, ensuring that citizens in every community had access to these benefits. In the 2011 census report, it was revealed that there was a 27% increase in population for this area amongst those aged a few minutes.

As the area continues to grow and flourish, the population is likely to increase even more. This will not only bring in excellent families and new neighbors for residents, but it will increase property values as the demand for housing increases.

Employment Opportunities

The majority of Riley Park – Little Mountain residents are involved in the workforce; the area has an unemployment percentage of just 5.5%; lower than the rate for British Columbia as a whole. The annual median household income for these residents is approximately $88,723. Residents who don’t commute every day to downtown Vancouver for work may hold a job at The Port of Vancouver. This massive port is the area’s largest employer, generating approximately 69,200  jobs and holding the title of Vancouver’s largest and most diversified port.

International commerce is one of the chief industries in the area. The entertainment and arts industry is improving, and technology has become quite prevalent within the last few years as well. With film companies being able to utilize locations in Vancouver that are perfect for portraying virtually any place, and the number of universities and schools in the area, these industries are projected to grow over the next several years. Other industries that employ a large number of Riley Park – Little Mountain residents include banking and finance, business, transportation and tourism.


Residents of this area enjoy the clusters of retail shops, professional services and boutiques along Main street. In addition to finding the basic necessities, residents can take advantage of stores like Barefoot Contessa, a boutique full of fashionable clothing and accessories; Vancouver Special, a store offering up a slew of home decor items and furnishings; and Trendybucks, a store that sells a little bit of everything as a one-stop-shop. Plus, residents are just minutes away from Oakridge Centre, a huge shopping outlet offering the most popular and trendy shops, services and amenities.

When it comes to meal times, Riley Park – Little Mountain residents enjoy a huge variety of dining options along Main Street and Fraser Street. For instance, vegetarians can visit Grace and get some of the most delicious food available, including fresh vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. For those in the mood to have seafood, The Fish Counter located on Main Street offers classic options like fish and chips, but also have excellent specialty items like tacos or po’ boys. Residents typically take advantage of the Vancouver Farmer’s Market near the Queen Elizabeth Park, which sells food, breads, baked goods, crafts, and more.


While personal cars are the most popular way to get around the Riley Park – Little Mountain area, there are many who would rather walk or bicycle for health or eco-friendly purposes. Because the area is compact, utilizing this method to get to and from common places is no problem. Another option is to take advantage of the Canada Line rapid transit buses.  There are stations at King Edward and West Broadway,  as well as bus lines that run on Cambie and Main Streets.


The elementary schools that serve students in the Riley Park – Little Woods area are Simon Fraser Elementary, General Wolfe, David Livingston and General Brock. High schools in the neighborhood include Charles Tupper, Eric Harper and John Oliver. Many of these residents are within walking distance of their child’s school and have the option of driving or simply walking their children to and from school. Riley Park – Little Woods also offers up Montessori schools as well as pre-schools for children who aren’t old enough to attend kindergarten.

The Arts

One of the most valuable benefits to families who choose to invest in the Riley – Little Mountain area is the exposure their kids have to art, culture and history. Several different art galleries are located within the neighborhood, offering exhibits of all types and styles of art. A favorite amongst locals are the galleries which display the work of local, emerging artists as well as those that are already established. Grunt Gallery, on East 2nd Avenue, is an exciting one to visit, featuring installation art and a variety of interesting, up-and-coming artists.

Children and adults alike love the Museum of Vancouver, with a variety of articles and displays dedicated to the region’s culture, art and history. The galleries contain some of the most unique items that truly fascinate; from aboriginal art and an Egyptian mummy to various 1950’s and 1960’s artifacts. Of course, the Vancouver Art Gallery certainly can’t be ignored. Art works produced by regional, national and international artists are present there, such as Emily Carr. Her stunning representations of Vancouver’s rain forests are an inspiration.


Just a neighborhood over, residents of Riley – Little Wood can visit the Nat Bailey Stadium, which is the home of the Vancouver Canadians’ minor league baseball team. While visiting there, families can go next door to the stadium and visit the Millennium Sports Centre, which plays host to a gymnastics club and an indoor bowls club. Of course, there are parks dotted throughout the neighborhood where adults and children can enjoy the outdoors. The Riley Park Community Centre is an excellent option for families with children. With a public pool and a public ice rink, as well as other facilities, this is the perfect place to get active and have a great time.

Investing in Riley Park – Little Mountain Estate

This community, while primarily a community of families and young professionals, appeals to everyone. Housing is offered in detached homes, townhomes and apartments, condos and other multi-family formats such as duplexes. This makes it easy for a group or an individual to find something perfect. The growth within this neighborhood has been phenomenal, and as the population increases and that growth continues, the demand for homes will also increase. This process increases property values, which is perfect for investors or families because it builds wealth, whether the owner plans to sell it or not. Overall, with the convenient amenities and benefits of Main and Fraser Streets as well as the quiet, peaceful atmosphere in the neighborhood. ■