Main St Vancouver Restaurants


When hunger strikes near Main Street in Vancouver, visitors and residents have a wide range of restaurants, diners and eateries to choose from. It would take years to adequately explore every option, from the most elegant fine-dining restaurant to the hole-in-the-wall diners that are the hidden gems of the city. Whether you’re craving delicious pan-fried dumplings from an authentic sushi restaurant or fresh salmon from a fine seafood restaurant, the Main Street area of Vancouver certainly rises up to the challenge.

If Japanese-style cuisine is a favourite, head toward the Downtown Eastside and Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, where Japanese-style tapas are situated on nearly every corner. Shiro Japanese Restaurant in Mount Pleasant has a menu that is indicative of the common Japanese foods available in the Main Street area: a variety of delicious sashimi options, tempura plates, barbecued salmon and seafood salad. Most of the sushi options are pub-style, casual eateries with laid-back atmospheres appealing to younger crowds.

Those with a taste for French cuisine will find a huge variety of options in the Riley Park/Little Mountain neighbourhood. Le Marché St George is the place to go for a delicious espresso, authentic French croissants, and certainly atmosphere. It is located in a 100-year old house, and it’s not uncommon to see owner Janaki Larson creating stunning pieces of pottery while visitors enjoy fresh and flaky pastries and flavorful coffee. The French Table on Main Street is a little more traditional, with a fair wine list and authentic French lunch and dinner options. The Marinated Beet and Picked Fennel Salad is served with goat cheese, a spicy maple nut crust, arugula, and a zesty citrus vinaigrette. Other offerings include sautéed calf liver, bouillabaisse, and seafood linguine.

Caribbean and Polynesian dishes can be found in Chinatown and Riley Park, while Greek food is offered in Mount Pleasant, Riley Park and the Sunset neighbourhood. Those craving a delicious, fresh pizza can find excellent offerings throughout the Main Street Vancouver area, like Pizzeria Barbarella in Mount Pleasant. They use the finest local, organic and handmade ingredients and offer a variety of salad and antipasto options in addition to piping-hot, fresh pizza. Fast food restaurant chains are present throughout the Main Street area, so visitors and residents can easily access their favourites, as well.

Those who aren’t hungry but are in need of a coffee pick-me-up or a mug of ice-cold beer also have a variety of options. Matchstick Coffee Roasters, located on East Georgia Street in Chinatown, specializes in roasting and serving single-origin coffees like Kiangoi from Kenya. This fresh coffee features notes of honey, hibiscus and orange peel, for a treat that won’t be soon forgotten. The Aradona blend from Honduras is perfect for those seeking something a little fuller, and features notes of intense hazelnut, brownie and butter caramel. Pubs are located in nearly every Main Street Vancouver neighbourhood, offering domestic and imported beers and a variety of liquors and pub-fare.

No matter what the taste or preference, the Main Street area of Vancouver has something for everyone. These options, combined with some of the friendliest and most helpful customer service representatives, makes this area a pleasant and wonderful place to enjoy a meal with friends, have a cup of Joe, or celebrate with a night out at the pub.