Main St Vancouver Real Estate


The Main Street Vancouver area offers many benefits and advantages to those who decide to relocate here. From entertainment and outdoor recreation options to top-notch schools and some of the best shopping and dining around, it’s an area that draws in people from all over British Columbia and the rest of the country. One of the best things about the area is the diverse housing options, for those who are ready to become part of the Main Street community, as well as for those who are already living in the area and looking to upgrade to a larger home or downsize to a smaller home, apartment or condo.

Homeowners who love a good fixer upper will find no shortage of older and very affordable homes that just need a small amount of work to become an absolute dream home. These are the gems of the real estate listings here, and can be tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than some of the newer homes. Many individuals seek out houses like these and get them for a steal, then hire a contractor for renovations (or do it themselves), and end up with a stunning and gorgeous home. Others search for these older houses, do renovations and then sell them for an excellent profit. Plus, the character of an older home is charming and very appealing to many homeowners.

Newer, ready-to-go homes are also available for individuals searching for a home that they can start enjoying the second they move in. From fair-sized homes with 3 to 4 bedrooms and nice, fenced yards to lavish, 6 and 7 bedroom homes featuring Jacuzzi tubs and huge yards, there is something to offer every individual or family. Depending upon the Main St neighbourhood and the area, the prices span a wide range, so there is something that fits into every family or individual’s budget as well.

In addition to the single-family housing options in the Main Street Vancouver area, there are also plenty of multi-family housing types as well. Many young professionals seek out beautiful condos which allow them all the benefits of living in the area without the upkeep of a single-family house. This allows them a certain amount of freedom, which is especially appealing to those who commute work in nearby cities and don’t have a lot of personal time. These same benefits often appeal to families, who opt for larger, 2 or 3-bedroom condos. Apartments and townhouses are also appealing to these folks, as well as retired individuals who have downsized now that they have no children living at home.

This large variety of choices definitely appeals to those interested in moving to the Main Street Vancouver area, and makes it easier to accommodate families of all sizes and individuals of all tastes and preferences. A qualified real estate agent can easily help families and individuals accomplish their goals, whether it is selling their home in order to upgrade or downsize, or purchasing their dream home and staying within their budget.