Main St Vancouver Professional Services


The professional services offered throughout all neighbourhoods of the Main Street Vancouver area are essential for residents and those considering relocating to the area. Qualified, licensed and certified professionals exist in all industries, providing residents with the care they need.

Medical professionals are present throughout Main Street Vancouver, handling all types of issues, including emergencies. The two hospitals are Mount Saint Joseph Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital, both of which are located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. These top-notch hospitals handle all emergencies and traumas. A variety of health care centers are located throughout the area, in nearly all neighbourhoods, and also handle emergencies and non-emergency issues. Mental health care centers are located in the Downtown Eastside and Riley Park/Little Mountain neighbourhoods. Pharmacies are also located in nearly every neighbourhood, making it convenient for residents to get the medications they need during the hours in which they’re able to do so.

For those in need of financial services, accountants are present in nearly every Main St. community, with the highest concentration in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. These businesses serve the community in a number of ways, from preparing taxes during the tax season to handling personal and commercial financial accounts. Quite a few banks are also located throughout the area, in all neighbourhoods. Branches of the RBC Royal Bank, CIBC, and TD Canada Trust, in addition to smaller neighbourhood banks, are present to help individuals with all of their banking, savings and loan needs. Tax preparation professionals, specialized financial services and credit unions are also available throughout the Main St. corridor.

Those in need of professional services like surveyors and urban planners can find them in the Mount Pleasant area. For instance, Ekistics Architecture on Main Street offers up architecture services and sustainable design services, especially helpful to those who are planning to build a house, or commercial or industrial clients who need assistance with new builds or property disputes.

The professional services in the Main Street Vancouver area include a huge range of industries, including medical, financial, legal, and more. Those in search of professionals to handle these types of needs should take time to ensure that the individual or agency they’re considering hiring is reputable and comes with plenty of references and experience. Often times, finding the perfect professional can be as easy as asking a friend but other times, a little investigation is needed to ensure that a professional is trustworthy and dependable.

Main Street is a very established professional community. Most of the individuals and agencies offering professional services have been practicing their craft or particular brand of service in the area for more than 10 years. While some newer services exist, it is usually easy to find credentials, certifications and licenses to establish if a professional can handle the job. The Main Street Vancouver area offers some of the best amenities and professional services in British Columbia.