Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret

Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret


Fox Cabaret located at 2321 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1R7 is proud to present the fourth edition of the Positive Vibrations. This is a unique two-room event that features monthly at the Fox Cabaret. Unlike many night events, this event runs longer; it will be hosted on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 8:00 PM through Friday, June 17, 2016, at 1:00 AM. This is also a two-room event, so it will be able to accommodate everyone who loves reggae and soul at the same time.

Room 1

The first room, at the night of the event, will mainly be for the reggae maniacs. The room will feature live performances from a variety of reggae artists as well as the famous Railtown Sound System, DJ Coco Jafro and a DJ set from Su Commandate. With all these big-name DJs and the many artists set to perform, the event would be electrifying.

Rail Sound System is one of the most recognized and respected reggae teams in Vancouver; they started out in a warehouse in Downtown Eastside. Deep in the heart of Railtown, there was a vacant warehouse previously used for fish processing. The warehouse provided shelter for a group of people who came together to play nothing else but reggae. It was at this time that the culture of reggae was born by the group and they officially named the warehouse Rail Sound Studios. Although the warehouse was demolished a couple of years later to pave the way for development, the love and culture of reggae infused by Real Sound Studios remained very much alive and it was now time to spread to the rest of the city.

What to expect

The Rail Sound System is driven by the love of reggae and so you can expect nothing less than very good reggae. The Roots Raggae will have a strong infusion of dub as well as some touches of funk, not to forget some influences of modern day Jamaican hits. One important thing that defines reggae is the socially conscious hits and so you should expect the melodies of Scott Candiah, which will also be supported by harmonies of Rachael Strobl and Maggie Zustovic. An array of all-time greatest hits such as those of Bob Marley will also be played throughout the night.

Room 2

The second room will feature no live performances but there will be full-time entertainment by DJs Neighbour and KUT. There will be no interruptions, with five hours of pure soul mixes by some of the best Djs on Main. This will be the perfect place to listen to the all-time best soul hits as well as the most interesting modern-day soul playlist. Soul enthusiasts and other people alike are encouraged to attend this event.

Positive Vibrations is one of the most anticipated and soought after events on Main Street and you won’t want to miss the chance to experience the music and fun. Advance tickets are on sale at positive_vibrations_iv.eventbrite.com and they go for $8, while tickets at the gate will go for $12. Get yours today.

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