Main St Vancouver Neighborhoods


The neighbourhoods in the Main Street area of Vancouver are wonderful places to live and visit. They offer a huge variety of entertainment options, shopping and dining, and feature diverse, friendly and wonderful groups of residents. The area features a variety of historical locations, and some of the most beautiful scenery in British Columbia.

The northern-most neighbourhood in the area is the Downtown Eastside, which is located south of the Vancouver Harbour, and east of Gastown. Residents and visitors to this area enjoy beautiful parks and green areas, fantastic shopping, excellent restaurants, pubs and coffeehouses and many entertainment options. Art galleries in the area make it easy to get inspired by fantastic artists, and public art installations are also located here, such as the mosaics created by local artists. Public transportation makes it easy to get around the area for those who would rather not drive, but an organized road system and ample parking make the neighbourhood easy to navigate for those relying on their own transportation.

Chinatown is located in the Downtown Eastside area, and is an excellent neighbourhood to live in and visit. A historical neighbourhood, this one dates back to the 1800’s, and was once the epicentre of Chinese culture in British Columbia. It is still a very diverse and cultural neighbourhood, and it is an affordable area, drawing in young professionals and retirees.

Mount Pleasant is a charming neighbourhood, located in the central area of the Main Street Vancouver community. Here, residents and visitors enjoy gorgeous mountain views, and there are 9 outstanding parks where individuals can enjoy beautiful greenery and natural areas. This neighbourhood features some of the best shopping, most of which is located along Main Street.

Strathcona is located directly south of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, and of all the Main Street Vancouver neighbourhoods, enjoys the widest range of home prices. These options draw in a large number of individuals and families of all types, since there is something there for everyone. The area is home to quaint shops and boutique stores, like Benny’s and Finch’s Market Cafe. A beautiful neighbourhood with gorgeous views, Strathcona is a lovely place for families, retirees, and young professionals.

Punjabi Market is a celebrated neighbourhood, featuring a huge variety of shops selling traditional Punjabi and Indian goods. The area draws in tourists at all times of the year who want to see the colourful shops and interact with the lively vendors.

Riley Park is a friendly and culture-rich neighbourhood offering up art galleries and unique, funky shops and boutiques. The majority of the homes here are single-family homes, from older homes with lots of character and personality to newer homes built within the last decade. Those living in this area enjoy excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Sunset is the southern-most neighbourhood in the Main Street Vancouver area, and offers up absolutely beautiful views of the Fraser River. Here, residents are often seen walking to their destinations, enjoying the scenery and the laid-back atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Shopping is excellent here as well, from boutique shops to the nearby shopping malls and centres.

Every Main Street neighbourhood has something to offer and has its own special flavour. Whether it’s the colourful and historical draw of Punjabi Market or the modern, bustling draw of the Sunset neighbourhood, there is a place for everyone within the Main Street Vancouver community.