More Public Parks Around Main Street and What it Means for Residents

More Public Parks Around Main Street and What it Means for Residents


Last week on Tuesday, May 31st, the Vancouver Park Board unveiled plans to build a new $6 million park in downtown Vancouver at the intersection of Smithe and Richards street. In the recent past, news like this has hit the headlines a number of times and one can even safely assume that the Vancouver Park Board is one of the most active boards in the Vancouver Governing Council.

Other key parks that the Vancouver Park Board has built recently includes Main Park located at 3333 Main Street. This park serves both Mount Pleasant and Riley Park areas and was designed in the most modern way using state of the art technologies. The park uses modern storm water infiltration technologies to help manage storm water and reduce water run-off after a storm. This technology enables water to percolate down the soil slowly and over an extended period of time. This way, the storm water is used efficiently, without wastage, keeping the grass at the park evergreen. The technology also helps conserve water as the town council does not have to tap into water meant for domestic use in order to water the grass.

Apart from using smart technologies at the Park, the existing trees have been pruned and maintained so as to stay healthy and grow well. New trees have also been planted to further beautify the Park and to replace the old and dying trees. Tables and seats have been placed strategically for people to sit with family and friends as they enjoy the good ambience that the Park offers. It goes without saying that this Park has attracted many people living on Main Street and especially those living in Mount Pleasant and Riley Park. More people are preferring to settle around these locations as it provides a good environment for bringing up children and it’s good for the family as a whole. Other recently completed parks around Main Street include Yukon Park and Fir Park.

Apart from the recently completed Parks and the one in the pipeline at the intersection of the Richard and Smithe Street, the VPB (Vancouver Park Board) has other plans to build four more parks south of Main Street, near and around Fraser Lands. These Parks are welcome to the residents of Main Street and the whole of Vancouver.

Many people living on Main Street have expressed their joy at the initiatives that the Vancouver Park Board is taking to increase the number of Parks in Vancouver. Families will no longer have to go far to find recreational facilities but rather, they will have Parks near them for these purposes. The new Parks will also help foster unity among people as they will have more opportunities to interact with another. The number of tourists is also set to increase as everyone would like to have a piece of what the parks in Vancouver have to offer.

Areas around Main Street such as Mount Pleasant and Riley Park have been top attractions for people who want to settle in Vancouver. With the development of new Parks around these areas, the deal has just been made better and new families or people moving in will certainly enjoy living here.

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