Late Night Bites



A20 Pizza

Type: Pizza, late night bites
Address: 648 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V3
Phone: (604) 683-4440
Website: http://a20pizzavancouver.ca/
Email: contact form

A20 Pizza is one of the most popular pizza hotspots in Vancouver.

The Keefer Bar

Type: Bar and Asian fusion, fine dining, late night bites
Address: 135 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3
Phone: (604) 688-1961
Website: www.thekeeferbar.com
Email: info@thekeeferbar.com
Hours: 5pm – 1am/2am

Using ingredients from local Chinatown markets and herbalists, The Keefer Bar serves an array of Asian-inspired plates to complement the sultry, red-hued lounge.

The Union

Asian fusion, upscale pub, late night bites
Address: 219 Union St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2B2
Phone: (604) 568-3230
Website: theunionvancouver.ca
Email: info@theunionvancouver.ca
Hours: Open until 12am/1am

Mamie Taylor’s

Type: Upscale pub, late night bites
Address: 251 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6
Website: mamietaylors.ca
Hours: 5pm-12am/1am

The eccentric and jokey decor make this place fun and lively, but they take their food seriously.

Caffe Brixton

Type: Pub, coffee, sandwiches
Address: 212 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7
Phone: (604) 568-8200
Website: caffebrixton.com
Email: contact form
Hours: 9am – 1am/2am

Local craft beers & coffee served with sandwiches, baked goods and other cafe bites.

The Emerald East Van Supperclub and Lounge

Type: Supper club, steaks, seasonal, fine dining, late night bites, cocktails
Address: 555 Gore Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z6
Phone: (604) 559-8477
Website: emeraldsupperclub.com
Email: theemeraldreservations@gmail.com
Hours: 5pm – 2am (Closed Sun/Mon)

A mix of old school vegas glamour with a little bit of anything goes attitude.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

Type: Taiwanese, Shanghainese, Chinese, fine dining, late night bites, small plates
Address: 163 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3
Phone: (604) 688-0876
Website: bao-bei.ca
Email: info@bao-bei.ca
Hours: 5:30 – 12am

Small plates meant to be shared amongst a close group of friends and family.

Sai Woo

Type: Fine dining, chinese, Asian fusion, west coast
Address: 158 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T3
Phone: (604) 568-1117
Website: www.saiwoo.ca
Email: doyou@saiwoo.ca
Hours: 5pm – 12am

Sai Woo’s modern dining room serves globally-inspired cuisine created with fresh ingredients and surprising, lighthearted twists.

Calabash Bistro

Type: Caribbean, late night bites
Address: 428 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6A 0A7
Phone: (604) 568-5882
Website: calabashbistro.com
Email: sam@calabashbistro.com
Hours: Open until 2am

Calabash feature’s a chef’s fresh sheet, where guests can discover unique combinations of West Coast and West Indian cuisine.

London Pub

Type: English pub fare, late night bites, pub
Address: 700 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V4
Phone number (604) 563-5053
Website: jenningsculture.com
Hours: 11am – 1am/2am

London Pub, with its exposed brick arches, floor to ceiling heritage windows, creative draught beer line and inviting pub atmosphere makes it one one of the most unique heritage pubs in the city.

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