Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival

Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival


The Vancouver International Jazz festival is one of summer’s top attractoins in Vancouver. The festival includes a string of live and recorded jazz music and runs for about a month, hosted at various places around Vancouver and British Columbia.

The Jazz festival grew from a local radio show back in the early 1980s. It was from this show at the Vancouver Co-op radio that the Pacific Jazz, as well as the Blues Association, were formed in 1985. These were two groups with the love of jazz and blues who decided to start hosting local shows inviting artists to perform and promote the two music genres in British Columbia.

In 1986, the two groups; the Pacific Jazz and the Blues Association, came together to form the Coastal Jazz and Blues society. This was the year when Vancouver International Jazz festival was born and the inaugural event was a huge success featuring the likes of Tito Puente, Miles Davis and Tony Williams. Since then, the festival has been held on every summer of each year and it has grown to be the most successful and largest festival in British Columbia.

This year’s festival has been made possible by the efforts of over one thousand volunteers and dedicated personnel. The festival is estimated to attract about half a million people from all over the globe. There will be over four hundred individual performances at the festival, both big-time international artists as well as local upcoming talent.

On Friday the 24th Joe Jackson will make his very much anticipated debut at the Vancouver International Jazz festival at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. If you love jazz and blues; then you most definitely love Joe Jackson. This is a Grammy Award Winning musician as well as songwriter who has played a major role in creating the history of Jazz and pop music.

Joe Jackson was born in Britain but relocated to New York then later to Berlin. He has a string of nineteen studio albums to his name plus a number of Grammy Award nominations. Joe Jackson is a hardworking and relentless musician who has managed to stay relevant in the industry since 1979 when his single; “is she really going out with him?” become a major hit in the jazz industry. Since then he has always been able to move his audiences with a number of big hits such as “Steppin’ Out” “Happy Ending”, “Be My Number Two” and “It’s Different for Girls.” Apart from Jazz and pop, Joe Jackson also performs classical music.

The June 24 event at Queen Elizabeth Theatre kicks off at 8pm but gates will open at 7pm. Tickets range from $52 to $96 and you can purchase them at www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1068945.  This is a big event that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Make sure you get your ticket before they are sold out!

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