Home Furnishings



Moe’s Home Collection

Type: Furniture Store
Address: 1728 Glen Drive, Vancouver, BC V6A 4L5
Phone: (604) 687-5599
Website: www.moeshome.com

This store sells modern and stylish furniture. The furniture include chairs, tables, wardrobes, shoe racks, book shelves and wooden stands.


Crate & Barrel

Type: Home Goods Store
Address: 650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z
Phone: (604) 269-4300
Website: www.crateandbarrel.ca

Crate & Barrel is a retail chain offering a very wide variety of kitchenware, stylish furniture as well as other home essentials. If you need any of these, this is the place to buy.

Home Delight

Type: Furniture Store
Address: 518 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V6
Phone: (604) 638-0811
Website: www.homedelight.ca
Email: www.homedelight.ca/contact-us

Home Delight understands what you need. It is because if this that this furniture store offers you the best and highest quality furniture such as beds, shoe racks, shelves, study tables, stylish dining tables and chairs.