Andy Livingstone Park

Type: Community Park, Outdoor Sports, Field Hockey
Address: 89 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C4
Phone: (604) 257-8400
Website: cfapp.vancouver.ca

The Andy Livingstone Park is an ideal place for football, offering a double playing field that is lighted and created from artificial turf. It’s a popular place for those playing soccer and softball as well. The park also features walking trails, a stream, seating areas and a pond, and a beautiful waterfall.


Trillium Park

Type: Public Park, Sports Fields, Football
Address: 303-699 National Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 0B5

Trillium Park is an excellent location for all outdoor sports, including football. The field offers up clean, spacious restrooms and locker rooms as well as a children’s playground. The fields are new and pristine, and host players in many different teams – both professional and amateur.


Urban Recreation

Type: Gym, Sports Facilities, Basketball
Address: 280 East 5th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1H3
Phone: (604) 879-9800
Website: vancouver.urbanrec.ca
Email: info@urbanrec.ca

Urban Rec hosts a co-ed flag football program with a variety of leagues. Players duke it out on turf fields throughout the area and play each week. Teams are required to have at least 2 players of each gender on the field at all times. Those who are interested can access registration resources via the Urban Rec website.