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McGivern Construction Ltd.

Type: General contractor, custom renovations and new construction, remodeling, additions
Address: 2926 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3W1
Phone: (604) 374-4720
Website: www.mcgivernconstruction.ca
Email: info@mcgivernconstruction.ca

McGivern Construction specializes in custom residential renovations in the Vancouver area. They specialize in custom renovations and restorations, remodeling, additions and extensions, and new built custom homes.

Restora Contracting

Type: General contractor
Address: 485 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V9
Phone: (604) 722-5015
Web: plus.google.com/107537335782108039554/

Restora Contracting specializes in home renovations, including historic renovations. Serving the Vancouver area, this company offers excellent service for affordable prices.

TerraForms Designs

Type: General contractor, concrete and stone work, floors, paving
Address: 373 E 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 3N4
Phone: (778) 838-3514
Website: www.terraforms.ca
Email: bluecottagedb@gmail.com

TerraForms Designs is a contractor offering services related to concrete and stone, from decorative outdoor features to floors, veneers, and general finishing work.


Aquataur Services Ltd.

Type: Construction company, general contractors, plumbing, flooring, concrete, renovations, new construction
Address: 1153 Grant St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3V4
Phone: (604) 737-7226
Website: www.aquatar.com
Email: info@aquataur.com

Aquataur Services features all trades under one roof, from carpentry and plumbing to drywall, concrete work and welding. This company specializes in rental clean-up and renovation, making it the perfect resource for investors and landlords.

Beachside Construction

Type: Construction company, renovations, additions, new construction
Address: 3381 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3
Phone: (604) 313-4830
Website: www.beachsideconstruction.net
Email: contact form

Since 1981, Beachside Construction has been serving the Vancouver area, completing small and large renovation, construction and repair projects for residential and commercial clients. They specialize in additions and renovations, as well as repairs and new construction.

Zagreb 2000 Construction

Type: General Contractor
Address: 175 E 17th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 1A5
Phone: (604) 675-0168
Website: www.zagrebconstruction.com


Corview Construction, Ltd.

Type: General contractor, rental renovations and repairs, office spaces, light Industrial
Address: 1188 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 4B3
Phone: (604) 681-6007
Web: www.facebook.com/corviewconstruction
Email: tim.corview@shaw.ca

Corview Construction, Ltd. is a commercial construction company, specializing in rental renovations and repairs, office spaces and light industrial projects.

David Mitchell Co, Ltd.

Type: General contractor, corporate and commercial renovations and construction
Address: 1245-A Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC V6A 3M9
Phone: (604) 251-5558
Website: www.davidmitchellcompany.com
Email: davidmitchell@telus.net

David Mitchell Co, Ltd. is a general contractor company with over 50 years of experience in the business. They specialize in corporate, hotel and dental office interiors.

Econ Group Construction and Development, Ltd.

Type: Construction company, design, low-impact houses, project management
Address: 770 Terminal Ave, Carolina St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2M5
Phone: (604) 662-3266
Website: www.econgroup.ca
Email: dalit@econgroup.ca

Econ Group Construction and Development, Ltd. is a unique contractor in that they specialize in “passive houses,” or homes that are modern and low-impact. They have been operating in Vancouver for 14 years, and offer renovations as well as new construction and project management.

Syncra Construction Corporation

Type: General contractor, construction,
Address: 685 Evans Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2K9
Phone: (604) 298-3303
Website: www.syncraconstruction.com
Email: info@syncraconstruction.com

Syncra Construction provides commercial, residential, institutional and other services, specializing in repairs and renovations as well as new construction. They also work closely with customers in the pre-planning and design aspects of jobs in order to meet their clients’ highest standards.

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