City of Bhangra Festival on Main

City of Bhangra Festival on Main


The City of Bhangra Festival is a familiar festival in Vancouver having been held annually since 2004. For more than a decade the residents of Vancouver and visitors as well, have been able to enjoy the unique festival which mainly celebrates the culture and history of the Punjab people in India and Pakistan. The City of Bhangra festival is not a single day festival or event but is a series of festivals carried out at different places all over Vancouver. This year’s festival will be held on June 11th to 18th.

City of Bhangra Festival on Main will be held on June 14th at the Fox Cabaret. Tickets are available at $29.00 and the festival will be held as from 8pm to 9.30pm.

What is Bhangra festival?

Bhangra is a famous style in East Indian folk dance and music that originated from the Punjab regions of Pakistan and India. Originally Bhangra was performed by young and energetic labourers in the Punjab region. This dance was mainly meant to strengthen the bonds between local communities and bridge the economic and social gap that was there between various different communities. Bhangra, first of all, became popular in Great Britain in the 1970s and early 1980s. It was only after the popularity of Bhangra had crossed over to Europe, that it was able to become popular worldwide. Many communities across the globe soon learned about Bhangra and it became very popular, both among the Asian communities living and working abroad as well as people with Indian roots.

Vancouver being a multi-cultured city, has a good number of residents who originated from India and other parts of Asia. The City of Bhangra festival is all about bringing people together while maintaining and showcasing the unique culture of its origins.

What to expect

The festival on Main will be electrifying with plenty of things to look forward to. The main artist for the day will be renowned singer and musician from Punjabi: Vijay Kumar Yamla. Vijay Yamla is an entertainer and a musician trained in the dhol, dholki, and tabla. Being extremely talented, Vijay is also adept to naal, chimta and sapp. His prowess in the industry has seen him travel far and wide to as far as the United Arab Emirates and Korea where he has had very successful performances as well as partnering with other well-established musicians. Vijay is a joy to watch and you can be sure that you will get value for your money. You won’t want to miss City of Bhangra Festival on Main at the Fox Cabaret, so be sure to get your ticket today.

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