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Rising Appalachia at The Biltmore

Rising Appalachia at The Biltmore


Multi-instrumentalist sisters Leah and Chloe Smith lead the American musical group Rising Appalachia. In 2005, they decided one afternoon to record their first album in the basement studio of friend, Leah and Chloe. Although meant as a gift for family and friends, the album received such incredible support and recognition that they made the decision to officially start the band Rising Appalachia. Their first four albums where wholly self produced and self funded. For the fifth album, Filthy Dirty South, they raised alls the funds needed on Kickstarter within a month.

Rising Appalachia has chosen to remain independent of mainstream music. Theirs is a personal interpretation of Appalachian music, bringing together folk, classical, some southern gospel, with a dash of hip-hop. It’s new and fresh, with universal appeal, and they’ve found a global audience. Leah and Chloe have performed throughout the United States, and have graced stages around the world in Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, India, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and Scotland.

Rising Appalachia was voted “Atlanta’s Best Folk Act” by the Creative Loafing and “Green Album of the Year” by the Huffington Post. They have been written about  in Paste Magazine, Performer Magazine, The New York Times, Dirty Linen, Sing Out, Anti-Gravity, Maverick and more.

Rising Appalachia is more than music. They’re a cause for youth and creative expression. The Rise Collective embodies youth education, sound workshops, aerial performance, poetics, fire spinning, yoga and meditation and acro-yoga.

Biltmore Cabaret
2755 Prince Edward St
Vancouver, BC V5T 0B5

Date: Thursday, July 28th
Time: Doors at 7:00pm, show at 8:00pm
Price: Tickets $25 + S/C in advance

Find out more about Rising Appalachia

YouTube Channel
Facebook Page

Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival

Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival


The Vancouver International Jazz festival is one of summer’s top attractoins in Vancouver. The festival includes a string of live and recorded jazz music and runs for about a month, hosted at various places around Vancouver and British Columbia.

The Jazz festival grew from a local radio show back in the early 1980s. It was from this show at the Vancouver Co-op radio that the Pacific Jazz, as well as the Blues Association, were formed in 1985. These were two groups with the love of jazz and blues who decided to start hosting local shows inviting artists to perform and promote the two music genres in British Columbia.

In 1986, the two groups; the Pacific Jazz and the Blues Association, came together to form the Coastal Jazz and Blues society. This was the year when Vancouver International Jazz festival was born and the inaugural event was a huge success featuring the likes of Tito Puente, Miles Davis and Tony Williams. Since then, the festival has been held on every summer of each year and it has grown to be the most successful and largest festival in British Columbia.

This year’s festival has been made possible by the efforts of over one thousand volunteers and dedicated personnel. The festival is estimated to attract about half a million people from all over the globe. There will be over four hundred individual performances at the festival, both big-time international artists as well as local upcoming talent.

On Friday the 24th Joe Jackson will make his very much anticipated debut at the Vancouver International Jazz festival at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. If you love jazz and blues; then you most definitely love Joe Jackson. This is a Grammy Award Winning musician as well as songwriter who has played a major role in creating the history of Jazz and pop music.

Joe Jackson was born in Britain but relocated to New York then later to Berlin. He has a string of nineteen studio albums to his name plus a number of Grammy Award nominations. Joe Jackson is a hardworking and relentless musician who has managed to stay relevant in the industry since 1979 when his single; “is she really going out with him?” become a major hit in the jazz industry. Since then he has always been able to move his audiences with a number of big hits such as “Steppin’ Out” “Happy Ending”, “Be My Number Two” and “It’s Different for Girls.” Apart from Jazz and pop, Joe Jackson also performs classical music.

The June 24 event at Queen Elizabeth Theatre kicks off at 8pm but gates will open at 7pm. Tickets range from $52 to $96 and you can purchase them at www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1068945.  This is a big event that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Make sure you get your ticket before they are sold out!

Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret

Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret


Fox Cabaret located at 2321 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1R7 is proud to present the fourth edition of the Positive Vibrations. This is a unique two-room event that features monthly at the Fox Cabaret. Unlike many night events, this event runs longer; it will be hosted on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 8:00 PM through Friday, June 17, 2016, at 1:00 AM. This is also a two-room event, so it will be able to accommodate everyone who loves reggae and soul at the same time.

Room 1

The first room, at the night of the event, will mainly be for the reggae maniacs. The room will feature live performances from a variety of reggae artists as well as the famous Railtown Sound System, DJ Coco Jafro and a DJ set from Su Commandate. With all these big-name DJs and the many artists set to perform, the event would be electrifying.

Rail Sound System is one of the most recognized and respected reggae teams in Vancouver; they started out in a warehouse in Downtown Eastside. Deep in the heart of Railtown, there was a vacant warehouse previously used for fish processing. The warehouse provided shelter for a group of people who came together to play nothing else but reggae. It was at this time that the culture of reggae was born by the group and they officially named the warehouse Rail Sound Studios. Although the warehouse was demolished a couple of years later to pave the way for development, the love and culture of reggae infused by Real Sound Studios remained very much alive and it was now time to spread to the rest of the city.

What to expect

The Rail Sound System is driven by the love of reggae and so you can expect nothing less than very good reggae. The Roots Raggae will have a strong infusion of dub as well as some touches of funk, not to forget some influences of modern day Jamaican hits. One important thing that defines reggae is the socially conscious hits and so you should expect the melodies of Scott Candiah, which will also be supported by harmonies of Rachael Strobl and Maggie Zustovic. An array of all-time greatest hits such as those of Bob Marley will also be played throughout the night.

Room 2

The second room will feature no live performances but there will be full-time entertainment by DJs Neighbour and KUT. There will be no interruptions, with five hours of pure soul mixes by some of the best Djs on Main. This will be the perfect place to listen to the all-time best soul hits as well as the most interesting modern-day soul playlist. Soul enthusiasts and other people alike are encouraged to attend this event.

Positive Vibrations is one of the most anticipated and soought after events on Main Street and you won’t want to miss the chance to experience the music and fun. Advance tickets are on sale at positive_vibrations_iv.eventbrite.com and they go for $8, while tickets at the gate will go for $12. Get yours today.

Come Celebrate Main Street’s Car Free Day this Father’s Day

Come Celebrate Main Street’s Car Free Day this Father’s Day


Main Street Vancouver celebrates Car-free Day this Father’s Day. For eight years running, Car-free Day has been an annual event attracting thousands of participants living in and around Main Street. This event aims at promoting urban living with the exclusion of cars. People living on Main Street and the surrounding neighbourhoods are discouraged from using vehicles on this day as the streets will be full of people, entertainers, music festivals, and vendors. It is more than just avoiding driving in the streets but it is a full festival with thousands of people participating in various different activities.

Car-free Days in Vancouver was initially launched in Denman Street back in 2008. The initial ideas of the organizers of this festival were to explore ideas on car-free urban living. The idea was motivated by a series of car free street festivals held at Denman Street between 2005 and 2008. After the first official Car-free Day in Denman Street, many other localities in Vancouver adopted the idea and currently the festival is held across four streets in Vancouver. These streets are Main Street, Commercial Drive, West end (Denman Street) and Kitsilano.

The festivals are organized and run by environmentally conscious volunteers.  One of the primary visions the organizers of these events have is to encourage better environmental policies, while sharing local knowledge and renewing the local culture. To this end, the festival is not only about eschewing cars, but there is a broader environmental message.

Each of the localities where the car free festivals are held have incorporated their own local and unique flavour. On Main Street, the festival will be held on Sunday, June 19th over an expansive 21 blocks from Broadway to 30th Avenue. Some of the things to look forward to during the festival at Main Street will be: numerous kids zones, mini-festivals, street hockey, community supported stages with dozens of bands, artisan market as well as community police.

Apart from the music, dance, food and other fun activities, Car-free Days offers locals the opportunity to walk peacefully in the normally car-heavy streets, enjoying the sun and cleaner air. There will be no car hooting, engine roars or smelly fumes from car exhaust pipes. The local culture will also be on display, and people will have the chance to interact with one another and socialize as they are having fun. The festival on Main Street kicks off at noon and ends at 7pm.  Everybody is encouraged to turn up to this festival as there will be plenty of interesting stuff to do. It is a big festival! It is free! You don’t to miss it!

VANTalks Comes to Main Street May 26th

VANTalks Comes to Main Street May 26th


VANTalks, the local version of TED Talks is coming to Vancouver! The event will centre on innovative and creative ideas, borrowing from the international format where ten different speakers are given the chance to talk briefly and expound on various different topics and ideas. VANTalks will be held on Thursday 26th May starting from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm at Kiggins Theatre.

The talk will be engaging and informative. This is a chance for locals as well as visitors to be enlightened on a variety of topics and have fun at the same time. Some of the topics that will be discussed include innovation and creativity, media, culture and local sustainability. Speakers have also been selected from a wide pool and they include a filmmaker, a senior high school student, the CEO of Burgerville, a tech guru who is also a computer engineering graduate of Nanyang Technical University in Singapore and two small business consultants.

Main Street Vancouver, is a place with diverse culture and home to many people who have different backgrounds. The people are also creative and innovative and as Kevin Hiebert, the event organizer, explains; this idea came up when he was talking to a friend, Steve Valenta, on how to highlight the many innovative and creative ideas they hear about daily in Vancouver.

This idea sunk in well with community leaders immediately and it was a go from the start! The main sponsors of the event who are iQ- credit Union, which is a community foundation for Vancouver Downtown Association and Southwest Washington, picked up the idea right away and the planning started. The representatives of the city of Vancouver as well as the Kiggins theatre representatives were all involved in planning the event.

VANTalks will not only provide an opportunity for Main Street Vancouver and Vancouver city as a whole to showcase the great ideas and amazing talent that is within, but it is also a forum which shall have some big names who have essentially made a difference in society and they will be ready to share on how they did so. There are many unrecognized talents that are doing great things in Vancouver and this will definitely be a chance for them to showcase others what it is that they do.

Gates to the event will open an hour prior to the start of the event to allow attendees to settle down in good time before the first speaker. Individual tickets will be going for $10 and they can be purchased at www.vantalks.org. In addition to the individual tickets, there will also be corporate rows at the theatre and a free ticket will be given for every ten tickets bought by a business entity or corporation. After the main event, attendees will also have a scheduled time to interact with one another as well as the speakers, so that they can expound further on particular topics and answer any extra questions that anyone might have. Kiggins theatre is located at 1011 Main Street Vancouver.

Nothing But Thieves’ North American Album Tour Comes to Main Street

Nothing But Thieves’ North American Album Tour Comes to Main Street


Vancouver will be lucky to host the popular UK band Nothing But Thieves in their North American Tour. This tour, dubbed “Under My Skin” is organised to support their debut self-titled album. This tour began in Texas, with the first event taking place in Houston on Saturday, April 16 and it will go on until Friday, May 27. The last event will be in Napa Valley, California.

Residents of Main Street will get to enjoy the event which will take place at the Imperial Vancouver on Wednesday, May 25. Other cities that will get a piece of the action in this tour include Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Kansas and Portland among others.
In some of these cities, Nothing But Thieves will be getting support from The Wrecks, which is a New Jersey cover band full of the fun-loving spirit and attitude. This four piece band performs music that draws from a wide range of styles featuring both modern hits and successful electrifying hits from the past.

They have successfully made covers for music by artists like John Denver, Elvis Presley, LMFAO, Lady GaGa, Bruce Springsteen and even Bon Jovi. Clearly, nothing is too complicated or too hard for The Wrecks. This is why they encourage all their fans to ‘come out and party like a wreckster!’

Nothing But Thieves on the other hand has been able to hit the Number 1 spot at Alternative Radio with their smash hit, “Trip Switch”. This hit is the first single from their debut album and it has been in the Alterative Radio top ten list for 12 weeks now. On VEVO, this song has so far reached more than 3.5 million views. This song was even brought by the band to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV show on ABC.

This band’s debut album is now out via Sony Music UK and RCA Records. This album has also been released in the US and has been on sold out headlining shows in New York and Los Angeles. Having achieved all this success in their debut album, this band seems geared to becoming unstoppable in the near future.

The event in Main Street will start at 9.00pm but doors will open at 8.00pm. Tickets will be going for $18 and they will be available from Friday March 18. There will also be a Facebook presell from 10.00am to 10.00pm on Thursday March 17. The password for this presell is CHEER. After the pre-sale, you will be able to buy the tickets from all Ticketmaster outlets and Red Cat Records.

Ticket sales will stop at 4.00pm on the day of the show. However, if the band’s success is anything to go by, there is a high chance that the tickets will sell out earlier so you better get yours early to avoid being locked out.

To gain admission you will need to be 19 years and older and this will be proved by show of a government issued ID.

Saturday Night Stand: A Standup Comedy Event in Main Street

Saturday Night Stand: A Standup Comedy Event in Main Street


The Sunday Service is one of the most popular weekly events on Main Street, featuring rib cracking standup comedy shows from a number of comedians every Sunday at the Fox Cabaret. On Saturday, April 30, the Sunday Service will be hosting an event dubbed Saturday Night Stand, which will be standup comedy taken a notch higher.

This event will be starting at 7.00pm and it will run till 10.00pm. Residents of Main Street will be given a wonderful time by the hosts, who are the regular members of the Sunday Service, and some fresh blood coming from as far as Los Angeles.

The starring performer will be Greg Behrendt, coming all the way from Los Angeles. Other guests who will also perform on this day include Katie-Ellen Humphries and Sophie Buddle. This is a powerful combination sure to leave anyone in stitches.

In the year 2009, Behrendt released his second comedy special titled “That Guy from That Thing”. Image Entertainment stood behind it and it was a huge success. This is after it premiered on Comedy Central and showed great potential. This guy has travelled to many places in his “Totally Into You Comedy Tour” with the Edinburg festival debuting at The Assembly Rooms.

In 2010, Behrendt produced and starred in an unscripted IFC pilot dubbed “There Might Be Cake”. He also wrote another pilot for a sitcom for CBS and worked as a producer on Love Bites which airs on NBC. In this year, he had stand-up performances at the Montreal and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals.

The year 2011 saw the launch of “Walking the Room” which is a podcast hosted by Behrendt and Dave Anthony and its spin-off dubbed “Starfish Circus”. Other notable things done by this talented comedian include performances on Comedy Central in New York and Nando’s Cape Town Comedy Festival in South Africa. He is also a New York Times best-selling author. More can be found on his website here.

Katie-Ellen Humphries is both a writer and a performer in the comedy cabaret titled Atomic Vaudeville. She has performed in the Vancouver International Comedy Festival and the very popular Seattle Bumbershoot Festival. She has opened for Bruce McCulloch in the San Francisco SketchFest and on matters unrelated to comedy, she has won the Canadian National 5k Open Water Swimming competition three times. Read more about her on her website here.

Sophie Buddle on the other hand is a young and vibrant upcoming comedian. At only 21, she can accurately be described as one of the fastest growing comedians in the industry. She has had a performance at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and opened for the likes of Caroline Rhea and Bob Saget.

Members of The Sunday Service are Caitlin Howden, Ryan Beil, Aaron Read, Kevin Lee, Taz VanRassel and Emmett Hall, who also happens to serve as the Musical Director. This show has received a CCA Award and more than 20 nominations for the Canadian Comedy Award.
Advance tickets to this show are going for $20 and if you choose to pay at the door, it will cost you $25.

Main Street is Home to a Unique Totem Pole that Raises Environmental Awareness

Main Street is Home to a Unique Totem Pole that Raises Environmental Awareness


The Trans Am Totem is one of the amazing sights of Main Street Vancouver. This is a 10 meter high sculpture weighing 11,340 kilograms (33 feet, 25,000 pounds). It is located on the junction of Milross Avenue and Quebec Street and is a source of pride for residents in Main Street and the entire Vancouver.

The artist behind this incredible work of art is Marcus Bowcott, who was amazed by the use of old cars by farmers on the banks of Fraser River to stop erosion. This left the cars with different levels of damage depending on the impact of the force of water and the amount of decay sustained over the years.

Bowcott first tried to make a number of paintings to record his impression of these vehicles when he was working on tow boats on the Fraser River but was not happy with the results obtained. However, his latest piece of art to involve cars is a big success. He has also taught in the Capilano University.

The Trans Am Totem was created as part of the 2014-2016 Vancouver Biennale exhibition, which seeks to create unique pieces of art at different parts of the city. This is all in an attempt to create an outdoor museum that is fully accessible by the public. The exhibition is organized by Vancouver Biennale, which is a charitable organisation dedicated to outdoor art.
This sculpture serves as a reminder of our day to day contribution to environmental degradation while trying to encourage us to do something to make the planet a better place for future generations. It also successfully shows the dramatic transformation of the region from the ‘80s to the current modern age.

Initially, the site was a forest with Douglas Firs and old growth cedars. It could be seen from Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. The tree is a symbol of the old state of the site and the logging that took place in False Creek. Currently, the region is alive with interconnections from the viaducts, roads and light rail. However, the primary means of transportation still remains to be cars, which explains the use of wrecked cars on the sculpture.

The sculpture is made of five cars that include a Volkswagen Golf MK1, a 700 series BMW, a Honda Civic and a Pontiac Trans Am which is the top car on the pile. Bowcott mentioned in a news release that the wrecked cars are carefully selected to be used as a symbol of extremes: luxury and practicality, waste and necessity. This can be seen in the high end Trans Am, The Civic perceived to be a workhorse and the comfortable BMW.

The cars are fixed on a steel column that is sandwiched between the two halves of the cedar trunk at the bottom of the sculpture. The longer vehicles are stacked on top of the shorter ones to make a V-shape. Each of these cars was repainted before placement on the totem pile. They have also been fitted with a solar-powered electrical system that powers the headlights and taillights on the vehicles.

With this work of art, Bowcott seeks to spark conversation about where Vancouver was, where it currently is and where it is going.

Fox Cabaret Presents Nerd Nite

Fox Cabaret Presents Nerd Nite


Nerd Nite is one of the most interesting events to be held in Main Street. It’s a creation of enthusiasts who enjoy learning about things on different niches of life. These include: history, science, warfare, social life, People and their cultures and pretty much everything that there is to learn about.

Contrary to the name of the event, Nerd Nite is not about Nerds or people with extreme passion on various different fields in life but it is an event suitable for every type of persons. This is basically a laid back event that gives you the chance to learn something interesting and cool about life. The atmosphere is normally laid back and cool. Furthermore, there is always cool music playing on the background and the drinks are there in plenty just for your choice. What is even more interesting is that unlike school where you learn and you do exams to be tested whether you understood; at Nerd Nite you learn for fun! There is no pressure whatsoever and you get to enjoy every bit of it.

How it is done

This event has a decent culture and is quickly picking up momentum across the globe. Nerd Nite was started by Chris Balakrishan who is now a professor at East Carolina University, back in 2003. The event was first held in Boston and quickly spread to New York. Due to its popularity and huge turn-outs, the event gained momentum and is now presented in over sixty cities across the globe.

Nerd Nite has a unique structure and schedule, where normally three people are given the chance to present in front of the audience. Each presenter is given twenty minutes to present something that they are passionate about and on various different fields.

The Event at Fox Cabaret

The event will be held at 2321 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1R7 on March 22nd 2016 and will kick off at 7.00pm and end at 10.00pm. The gates close at 7 and the speakers start presentations at 7.30. Tickets are available online at www.eventbrite.com for only $6.

The three guest speakers will include: Jason Porath who is the founder of Rejected Princess, a blog celebrating women of history and myth, who were either too awesome or too awful. The title would be: “The Unsung Women Too Bad for Hollywood.” Jason would be talking about the women whom have never been featured anywhere, the unconventional, the compromising and uncompromising ones and those that took the alternatives you never knew about.

Another guest speaker would be Mauricio Lozano. Mauricio Lozano is a food engineer who has studied and specialized optimizing food manufacturing processes in relation to or with the use of bugs; both good and bad. His topic would be: “Thousands of years of evolution to behave like yeasts!” Did you know yeasts behave like humans? They will consume until all the resources are depleted, they reproduce without limits and they also pollute their environment with ethanol until they are all dead! Well, now you know!

The last but not least of the guest speakers will be Dr. Greg Bole. Dr. Greg Bole received his Ph.D. on Ecology and Evolution from Stony Brook University and is currently a senior instructor specialized in teaching evolution, genetics and botany. His topic would be: “A Victorian Journey into Adventure, Discovery and evolution!” When one talks about evolution it is most likely that they will talk about Charles Darwin and his theory of Natural Selection. However, have you ever heard about Alfred Russel Wallace who was also a co-discoverer by natural selection and the amazing work he did? Well, you can learn more about him and more only at the Nerd Nite where you get to meet fellow nerds and have a wonderful time.

All Told: True Stories from the True North – A Storytelling Event in Main Street

All Told: True Stories from the True North – A Storytelling Event in Main Street


Residents of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto can look forward to a series of live events this March organized by CBC Literary Prizes. In each city, CBC will be partnering with a local storytelling collective for the live event. The events are dubbed All Told: True Stories from the True North. Each evening will have its own unique theme and visitors will be treated to stories from six incredible storytellers.

Main Street residents are lucky because they will be hosting the event on behalf of the entire city of Vancouver. People will come from all over the city, so you will need to get there early to get the best seat, so that you don’t miss anything.

In Vancouver, CBC will be partnering with The Flame, which is popular in Vancouver for organizing fiery events where people share their own true stories before a live audience. This group has been organizing events in Vancouver and providing residents with the chance of sharing their own true stories in events before a live audience. If the success of these events is anything to go by, this is going to be one night you’ll remember.

This one of its kid event will be taking place at the Fox Cabaret (2321 Main Street) on Thursday March 10, 2016. The theme for the evening will be: Fates and Free Wills – Destiny, Determination and Dumb Luck. Doors will open at 6.00pm but the event will start at 7.00pm and go on until 11pm. Advance tickets are available at theatrewire.com and each goes for $15. If you wait to buy one at the door, it will cost you $20.

The guest host will be Amanda Parris from CBC’s TheExhibitionists with performances by Torquil Campbell who is a songwriter and the co-lead singer of the Stars, Kevin Kokoska, Tetsuro Shigematsu, Emelia Symington Fedy and Jane Silcott, who is a winner of the CBC Literary Prize. Music will be done by Kelly Haigh and Jimmy Roy.

This is a night of true tales that nobody wants to miss. It will bring together incredible talent and industry experience from CBC to make a night to remember. They will also be recording all three events to make up a digital series.

The other two events will take place on March 16 and March 19 respectively. The event on the 16th will be in Toronto at the Grat Hall (1087 Queen St W) while the one on the 19th will be in Montreal at the La Sala Rossa (4848 Boul St Laurent).

The theme for the Toronto event will be “Inheritance – Family Ties, Lies and Genetic Allies” while that of the Montreal show will be “Crossing the Line – Deviance, Defiance and Damning the Consequences”.

All signs point to a huge success in these shows so if you are free on Thursday, get to the Fox Cabaret and prepare for some wonderful entertainment.