The Psychology of Selling Your Home


The Perfect Price

The market determines the value or price people are willing to pay for a home in your neighbourhood. Your personal tastes, investment and emotional attachments don’t add additional value to the buyer. That can be a bitter pill to swallow. John Gourville, a marketing professor and expert in buyer behaviour at Harvard Business School says, “The buyer is looking at ‘What are comparable houses selling for?’ and the seller is thinking, ‘What did I pay for this six years ago?’”

Setting the price for your house is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Not only does the price determine how much you stand to make, it also determines whether anyone’s going to take your property seriously. Should you start high, with the expectation that buyers are going to try to bargain you down? Or should you start low, with the hopes of attracting plenty of attention, and the idea that the inevitable discounting is out of the way up front?

Never under price your property. Don’t count on quality buyers entering a bidding war to bring your property’s price up to market value. An unusually low price makes serious buyers suspicious of the value of the property, so you’ll only attract lowballers.

Most real estate experts agree that starting high, with the idea that you can always reduce the price later, can be a very costly mistake. With all the competition out there, your property must pop out immediately as a good value, or potential buyers are likely to move on, and never return. You get one shot at your home’s debut. According to Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin, “The amount of traffic that a listing gets in its first week is five to seven times what it gets in its ensuing weeks. Let’s say you lower the price (later). No one will notice. You really are broadcasting that discount to a much smaller audience of buyers and will have the perception it is damaged goods.” Overvaluing your house can cost you more than time, and most listing sites display the price reductions. “They say, ‘He’s knocked $30k off the price; he’ll do it again.’ It’s death by a thousand cuts,” Kelman adds.

Give your house a reality check. Actively shop online for properties in similar neighbourhoods, the same distance from downtown shopping and amenities, similar calibre schools, and proximity to the nearest work centre. If your property doesn’t stand out as the obvious value, when compared with the properties they can get for the price you’re considering asking, it’s too high. An experienced local real estate specialist can also help you establish your home’s true value, and set the price slightly under that.

People aren’t fooled by pricing gimmicks like adding ‘999’ to the end, but setting a precise number suggests deliberation, and a formula or requirement of some kind. It lends credibility to the price and discourages lowball offers to some degree. A price like $900,000 almost begs, “make us an offer,” while $898,750 suggests the seller knows what they need to get from the sale.

Another thing to consider is search filters on websites. Here you want to choose your competition carefully. Listing websites typically filter in $50,000 or $25,000 increments. If a searcher selects the $850,000 – $900,000 filter, the properties in the upper end of that range will usually look more attractive. But the buyer is also looking for a bargain. The bottom listings will usually be ruled out immediately, as will the ones at the very top. Homes priced 75 – 90% of the way up in a filtered group tend to have the most visibility.

Home vs House

If you’re like most sellers, you’re hoping the buyer keeps your memories alive, will appreciate your taste and the improvements you’ve made, and will care for your home the same as you have. Your real objective, however, should be to have prospective buyers see it has their new home. They may hate the cabinets you selected, and want to completely renovate the kitchen immediately. The wall you took out to create a lovely family area for your growing children may be going back up, to create a bedroom and office.

If you listen for it, you’ll often hear seasoned Realtors refer to the property you’re selling as your “house”, and the one you’re planning to buy as your new “home.” It’s important for you to make that distinction as well. You have to let go of the property — consider it as nothing more than a marketable commodity — so you can identify what the real price should be, and begin the depersonalization process, so buyers can see their own belongings and memories moving in. It’s important to remove family photos, sentimental treasures and other personal items like grooming products.

Using Colour

When selling a home, colour psychology is definitely a factor. You’re looking for colours that appeal the the widest pool of potential buyers. You may love lime green and fuchsia, but few prospective buyers will want those colours on the home they’re moving into. Safe colours are off whites for the walls, with white trim. Light colours reflect natural light and help rooms feel larger. As an alternative to the popular eggshell white, tinting white with a subtle grey, blue, yellow or green can make rooms more inviting. A light blue or green in the bathroom or bedroom can give a sense of cool, quiet serenity. Light yellow in the kitchen or family room can create a cheerful, positive state for house hunters.


A couple with an empty nest has decided to downsize because the big house has become too much to take care of. A young family needs more space, so they require a larger home. They think back of their own moves, or those of their family. The purchase and move were stressful and chaotic, but afterwards, everything fit comfortably, had a place, things were spotless, and there was a calming sense of order. Upgrading or downsizing, it’s  what they’re desperately hoping for following this move. So give them that picture.

If you look at a professionally staged home, it’s completely free of clutter, everything is sparkling and meticulously clean, every object is in its place and has a reason for being in the room. Consider the dining table, as an example. Do you need 6 chairs, or will 4 look less cluttered? House hunters will look in everything. Make sure everything they see is clean, uncluttered and organized.

Rising Appalachia at The Biltmore

Rising Appalachia at The Biltmore


Multi-instrumentalist sisters Leah and Chloe Smith lead the American musical group Rising Appalachia. In 2005, they decided one afternoon to record their first album in the basement studio of friend, Leah and Chloe. Although meant as a gift for family and friends, the album received such incredible support and recognition that they made the decision to officially start the band Rising Appalachia. Their first four albums where wholly self produced and self funded. For the fifth album, Filthy Dirty South, they raised alls the funds needed on Kickstarter within a month.

Rising Appalachia has chosen to remain independent of mainstream music. Theirs is a personal interpretation of Appalachian music, bringing together folk, classical, some southern gospel, with a dash of hip-hop. It’s new and fresh, with universal appeal, and they’ve found a global audience. Leah and Chloe have performed throughout the United States, and have graced stages around the world in Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, India, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and Scotland.

Rising Appalachia was voted “Atlanta’s Best Folk Act” by the Creative Loafing and “Green Album of the Year” by the Huffington Post. They have been written about  in Paste Magazine, Performer Magazine, The New York Times, Dirty Linen, Sing Out, Anti-Gravity, Maverick and more.

Rising Appalachia is more than music. They’re a cause for youth and creative expression. The Rise Collective embodies youth education, sound workshops, aerial performance, poetics, fire spinning, yoga and meditation and acro-yoga.

Biltmore Cabaret
2755 Prince Edward St
Vancouver, BC V5T 0B5

Date: Thursday, July 28th
Time: Doors at 7:00pm, show at 8:00pm
Price: Tickets $25 + S/C in advance

Find out more about Rising Appalachia

YouTube Channel
Facebook Page

Main Street Vancouver Celebrates Public Art August 20th

Main Street Vancouver Celebrates Public Art August 20th


Great Beginnings Program and Mural Tours

The Great Beginnings Program is a project launched in 2008, in celebration of Vancouver’s culture, heritage and history, in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Neighbourhoods covered include Chinatown, Gastown, Strathcona and Japantown, and the provincial government committed $10 million over three years. The program is geared towards restoring the public appeal of the founding neighbourhood, through improvements to public spaces, streets and buildings. It also promotes street festivals, celebrations, the arts and cultural activities.

In celebration of street art and culture, 4 Eastside Mural Tours have been organized by geographic location. Walking, each of the tours takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Each of the tours has a downloadable map:

The Vancouver Mural Festival

The first Vancouver Mural Festival is expected to draw between 80,000 – 100,000 people to the Main Street community of Mount Pleasant on August 20th. To put on this event, The Create Vancouver Society partnered with the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area, Burrard Arts Foundation and the City of Vancouver. On the day of the festival, more than 40 artists will install more than 35 permanent murals. Main Street will be closed between 7th and 12th Avenues. Outdoor murals will be created primarily in the Mount Pleasant and False Creek Flats areas of Vancouver

This will be Vancouver’s largest public art celebration. Art, music and various community events will take place throughout the day. The Burrard Arts Foundation will showcase the works of participating artists. This year’s contributing artists include Corey Bulpitt, Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil), Kashink (France), Low Bros (Germany), Nevercrew (Switzerland), Scott Sueme (local), Ola Volo and Andrew Young.

More than 150 businesses are expected to be involved, with public markets, interactive art exhibits, dance and music performances, artistic activities and workshops, community art projects and more. Entertainment will include more than 20 bands on 5 free stages, including Willa, The Katherines and Hey Ocean!

Underplay, a new club music series that will launch during this event, will highlight several concert venues in Mount Pleasant, including the Anza Club, Fox Cabaret, The Biltmore, and The Cobalt.

Day: Saturday, August 20, 2016

Time:  12:00pm 7:00p

Rediscovering Queen Elizabeth Park

Rediscovering Queen Elizabeth Park


The next time you want to get out for a few hours, consider re-exploring one of Main Street Vancouver’s greatest treasures, Queen Elizabeth Park.

The Vancouver Park Board celebrated Queen Elizabeth Park’s 75th anniversary by throwing a massive party on September 13th. The 130-acre park in Riley Park was built in 1939, from an old rock quarry used for sourcing rock and minerals that supplied the construction of Vancouver’s first paved streets. Located at the junction of Cambie Street and West 33rd Avenue, the park is easy to access by bike, TransLink public transit and car, with both free and pay parking.

If you mention Queen Elizabeth Park, the first image that comes to mind for most Vancouverites is that of the lush green Quarry Gardens. The main garden is just west of the Bloedel Conservatory. The large quarry excavation has become home to specimen trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals, accented by a stream and waterfall. Below the Seasons in the Park restaurant there’s a smaller North Quarry Garden. The north garden is influenced by oriental horticulture, and features an arched bridge over a stony stream bed.

As magnificent as the quarry Gardens are, there’s much more to enjoy in Queen Elizabeth Park. In 1949 Junior Forest Wardens began planting blocks of timber species such as douglas fir, subalpine spruce, coast redwood and ponderosa pine. The larger trees in this civic arboretum are now about 60 years old, and there are about 1,500 trees from across Canada along the park’s north and north-western sections. In 1967, the Rose Garden was created on the south-western perimeter of the park to commemorate Canada’s Centennial. Many rose varieties are represented, including some hardy hybrids.

The park is a celebration of art. In 1984 a bronze figurative sculpture of a man photographing three people, called Photo Session, was given to the park by J. Seward Johnson, Junior. The famous sculpture, Knife Edge-Two Piece, by British Sculptor Henry Moore, is located on the plaza to the east of Bloedel Conservatory. Four marble sculptures by Cameron Kerr, of Campbell River, BC, are on display outside the Conservatory. In spring and summer Painter’s Corner becomes an outdoor art gallery, with paintings for sale by many local artists.

Adjacent to the Bloedel Conservatory, the Dancing Waters 70-jet fountain is entertaining and beautiful both day and night. The fountain operates on a program, with varying heights of the jet, recirculating 85,000 litres of water.

If you’re looking for some recreation, Queen Elizabeth Park offers a pitch and putt golf course with beautiful views of the city. Along the southern edge of the park, you’ll find a bank of 17 public tennis courts, and a practice wall. From April through September, the Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club is open. The park also has two outdoor roller hockey courts and three basketball courts.

Queen Elizabeth Park offers one of the most enjoyable walks in the city of Vancouver, taking you to the “top of the city”. A walk around the park is 0.41 km (0.26 miles), or 824 steps. A marked path makes the gardens wheelchair accessible as well. Along the north side, among the Arboretum trees, there’s a designated picnic area; so bring a cooler and blanket. Picknickers are also welcome in other areas of the park. There’s an off-leash dog area located at 4600 Cambie St, off East 37th Avenue and Columbia Street.

The Bloedel Conservatory is open 7 days a week. The conservatory contains three different climate zones. There’s a tropical rainforest habitat, subtropical rainforest habitat and desert zone. Hundreds of plant species are represented, and many are labeled. There are more than 230 colourful free-flying birds.

Creating a Home Selling Plan


If you’ve decided you definitely want to sell your home and make a change — whether relocating, upgrading or downsizing — the best place to start is with a home selling plan.

Your plan may look something like this.

1) Revisit your reason(s) for selling

Your primary reason for selling your home determines the urgency, and urgency can affect the pricing. What made you decide to sell? Desire for profit? Location? The condition of the property? A need for more or less space? The design or style? Accessibility?

It can be more emotionally taxing to sell a home than buy one. You have memories and probably some attachment to the old place. It’s important to have firm reasons you can refer back to.

2) Choosing a REALTOR®

It’s important that you don’t select a real estate agent based upon the largest suggested listing price discussed. An overpriced listing can quickly go stale, making it very challenging to sell. There’s also a much smaller buyer’s pool. A longer stay on the market, for homes that started too high, can also result in lower offers and eventually having to sell well below market value.

Under-pricing your home is equally problematic. You could be losing part of the potential return on your investment. Buyers can also gain a negative perception of the property in the area, from a low price, encouraging even lower offers.

An experienced neighbourhood specialist will advise you on the best price to ensure the home sells quickly, with the highest return you can expect in the current market. Don’t be afraid to ask for a comparative market analysis and the marketing strategy your prospective agent has in mind for your home.

3) Evaluate your finances

It’s important to calculate expenses that will be incurred during the process of selling your house. The final price you are able to accept should reflect both your costs and the potential profit you hope to realize. Some of the costs may include commission to be paid to the agent, special reports and property inspections, conveyance and transaction fees, staging and advertising costs.

You should notify your mortgage lender of your plans to sell the home. You will need to know how much is outstanding on your mortgage and if there are any early redemption penalties. Your Realtor should have given you an idea of your property’s worth and you can calculate how much will have left after the mortgage has been paid off.

The figures will only be approximate at this stage, but it’s important to begin painting the broad strokes of your plan. If you are buying another home, you will want to speak with the mortgage lenders and perhaps even secure pre-approval for your new mortgage.

4) Preparing your home for showing


Obvious maintenance issues should be addressed. Some repairs and renovations aren’t a good investment. An experienced real estate specialist will be able to advise you on which repairs and upgrades can increase the perceived value of the home enough to more than offset the costs.


You can get more for your home if it’s staged. You could hire a professional stager, or ask an experienced Realtor to make recommendations that help you stage it yourself.

Make it sparkle2

Clean or paint the walls and ceilings. Clean the lights, fixtures, fans and flooring. Repair any plumbing leaks. Depersonalize; prospective buyers can’t see themselves living in the home if all of your photos and family memorabilia are everywhere. A brighter home makes a better impression. Turn on all the lights and open the drapes on days the home will be shown.

Boost your curb appeal3

The condition of your property affects not only the price you get, but also the time it takes to sell your place. First impressions matter. Keep the trees and hedges trimmed and grass cut. Clean up any clutter. Apply some fresh paint to the front door and any wooden fences. Clean the windows inside and out. Pressure wash or point the exterior. Make sure any trim, gutters, railings, etc. are firmly attached.

5) Net profits from selling

It’s a good idea to have two net sheets prepared, with a low price and high price. These sheets allow you to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. If the lowest net price will let you buy the next home you want, it’s time to find financing.

6) Accepting an offer

Someone’s made an offer… how exciting! Your Realtor® is required pass all offers on to you, even if they’re ridiculous. If you’re not willing to accept the offer, you can reject it outright in the hopes of receiving a better one, or ask your agent to counter. Your Realtor will often come back higher than the price you’re willing to accept, in the hopes of negotiating a final price both parties can live with somewhere in middle.

7) Moving out

You can move out whenever you like, but it’s usually a lot less stressful to move before the day of completion. At the time of completion the property has to be in the condition agreed. It’s a lot easier to give your home a thorough final cleaning and go down your final checklist when it’s empty. The buyers will often come by with their agent between the time you move out and completion to make sure everything is ready.

8) Completing the sale

Completion is when the change of ownership takes place. Payment is accepted and you hand over the keys. The money and deeds are transferred between conveyancers or solicitors. Your conveyancer/solicitor then registers the transfer of ownership.

9) Paying off the mortgage

Your mortgage company will have given you or your conveyancer/solicitor the precise redemption amount of your mortgage for the  day of completion. The buyer has transferred the money to your conveyancer or solicitor, and they will pay out the mortgage on your behalf.

10) Settling up with the solicitor/conveyancer and real estate agent

After completion, your conveyancer/solicitor will provide you with an account that covers all of their costs and disbursements, the sale price of the house and redemption of the mortgage. If you are selling and purchasing at the same time, your conveyancer/solicitor could settle up for both transactions  at the same time.


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Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival

Joe Jackson Makes his Debut at the Jazz Festival


The Vancouver International Jazz festival is one of summer’s top attractoins in Vancouver. The festival includes a string of live and recorded jazz music and runs for about a month, hosted at various places around Vancouver and British Columbia.

The Jazz festival grew from a local radio show back in the early 1980s. It was from this show at the Vancouver Co-op radio that the Pacific Jazz, as well as the Blues Association, were formed in 1985. These were two groups with the love of jazz and blues who decided to start hosting local shows inviting artists to perform and promote the two music genres in British Columbia.

In 1986, the two groups; the Pacific Jazz and the Blues Association, came together to form the Coastal Jazz and Blues society. This was the year when Vancouver International Jazz festival was born and the inaugural event was a huge success featuring the likes of Tito Puente, Miles Davis and Tony Williams. Since then, the festival has been held on every summer of each year and it has grown to be the most successful and largest festival in British Columbia.

This year’s festival has been made possible by the efforts of over one thousand volunteers and dedicated personnel. The festival is estimated to attract about half a million people from all over the globe. There will be over four hundred individual performances at the festival, both big-time international artists as well as local upcoming talent.

On Friday the 24th Joe Jackson will make his very much anticipated debut at the Vancouver International Jazz festival at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. If you love jazz and blues; then you most definitely love Joe Jackson. This is a Grammy Award Winning musician as well as songwriter who has played a major role in creating the history of Jazz and pop music.

Joe Jackson was born in Britain but relocated to New York then later to Berlin. He has a string of nineteen studio albums to his name plus a number of Grammy Award nominations. Joe Jackson is a hardworking and relentless musician who has managed to stay relevant in the industry since 1979 when his single; “is she really going out with him?” become a major hit in the jazz industry. Since then he has always been able to move his audiences with a number of big hits such as “Steppin’ Out” “Happy Ending”, “Be My Number Two” and “It’s Different for Girls.” Apart from Jazz and pop, Joe Jackson also performs classical music.

The June 24 event at Queen Elizabeth Theatre kicks off at 8pm but gates will open at 7pm. Tickets range from $52 to $96 and you can purchase them at www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1068945.  This is a big event that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Make sure you get your ticket before they are sold out!

Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret

Positive Vibrations: A Reggae, Funk and Soul Party at the Fox Cabaret


Fox Cabaret located at 2321 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1R7 is proud to present the fourth edition of the Positive Vibrations. This is a unique two-room event that features monthly at the Fox Cabaret. Unlike many night events, this event runs longer; it will be hosted on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 8:00 PM through Friday, June 17, 2016, at 1:00 AM. This is also a two-room event, so it will be able to accommodate everyone who loves reggae and soul at the same time.

Room 1

The first room, at the night of the event, will mainly be for the reggae maniacs. The room will feature live performances from a variety of reggae artists as well as the famous Railtown Sound System, DJ Coco Jafro and a DJ set from Su Commandate. With all these big-name DJs and the many artists set to perform, the event would be electrifying.

Rail Sound System is one of the most recognized and respected reggae teams in Vancouver; they started out in a warehouse in Downtown Eastside. Deep in the heart of Railtown, there was a vacant warehouse previously used for fish processing. The warehouse provided shelter for a group of people who came together to play nothing else but reggae. It was at this time that the culture of reggae was born by the group and they officially named the warehouse Rail Sound Studios. Although the warehouse was demolished a couple of years later to pave the way for development, the love and culture of reggae infused by Real Sound Studios remained very much alive and it was now time to spread to the rest of the city.

What to expect

The Rail Sound System is driven by the love of reggae and so you can expect nothing less than very good reggae. The Roots Raggae will have a strong infusion of dub as well as some touches of funk, not to forget some influences of modern day Jamaican hits. One important thing that defines reggae is the socially conscious hits and so you should expect the melodies of Scott Candiah, which will also be supported by harmonies of Rachael Strobl and Maggie Zustovic. An array of all-time greatest hits such as those of Bob Marley will also be played throughout the night.

Room 2

The second room will feature no live performances but there will be full-time entertainment by DJs Neighbour and KUT. There will be no interruptions, with five hours of pure soul mixes by some of the best Djs on Main. This will be the perfect place to listen to the all-time best soul hits as well as the most interesting modern-day soul playlist. Soul enthusiasts and other people alike are encouraged to attend this event.

Positive Vibrations is one of the most anticipated and soought after events on Main Street and you won’t want to miss the chance to experience the music and fun. Advance tickets are on sale at positive_vibrations_iv.eventbrite.com and they go for $8, while tickets at the gate will go for $12. Get yours today.

More Public Parks Around Main Street and What it Means for Residents

More Public Parks Around Main Street and What it Means for Residents


Last week on Tuesday, May 31st, the Vancouver Park Board unveiled plans to build a new $6 million park in downtown Vancouver at the intersection of Smithe and Richards street. In the recent past, news like this has hit the headlines a number of times and one can even safely assume that the Vancouver Park Board is one of the most active boards in the Vancouver Governing Council.

Other key parks that the Vancouver Park Board has built recently includes Main Park located at 3333 Main Street. This park serves both Mount Pleasant and Riley Park areas and was designed in the most modern way using state of the art technologies. The park uses modern storm water infiltration technologies to help manage storm water and reduce water run-off after a storm. This technology enables water to percolate down the soil slowly and over an extended period of time. This way, the storm water is used efficiently, without wastage, keeping the grass at the park evergreen. The technology also helps conserve water as the town council does not have to tap into water meant for domestic use in order to water the grass.

Apart from using smart technologies at the Park, the existing trees have been pruned and maintained so as to stay healthy and grow well. New trees have also been planted to further beautify the Park and to replace the old and dying trees. Tables and seats have been placed strategically for people to sit with family and friends as they enjoy the good ambience that the Park offers. It goes without saying that this Park has attracted many people living on Main Street and especially those living in Mount Pleasant and Riley Park. More people are preferring to settle around these locations as it provides a good environment for bringing up children and it’s good for the family as a whole. Other recently completed parks around Main Street include Yukon Park and Fir Park.

Apart from the recently completed Parks and the one in the pipeline at the intersection of the Richard and Smithe Street, the VPB (Vancouver Park Board) has other plans to build four more parks south of Main Street, near and around Fraser Lands. These Parks are welcome to the residents of Main Street and the whole of Vancouver.

Many people living on Main Street have expressed their joy at the initiatives that the Vancouver Park Board is taking to increase the number of Parks in Vancouver. Families will no longer have to go far to find recreational facilities but rather, they will have Parks near them for these purposes. The new Parks will also help foster unity among people as they will have more opportunities to interact with another. The number of tourists is also set to increase as everyone would like to have a piece of what the parks in Vancouver have to offer.

Areas around Main Street such as Mount Pleasant and Riley Park have been top attractions for people who want to settle in Vancouver. With the development of new Parks around these areas, the deal has just been made better and new families or people moving in will certainly enjoy living here.

The Baltimore Cabaret Welcomes you to The Lady Show

The Baltimore Cabaret Welcomes you to The Lady Show


It is a comedy thing! That’s right, if you love comedy then you won’t want to miss The Lady Show on Main Street. Held in different parts of the city and the country, The Lady Show is finally on Main Street. This is an event to look forward to, with plans in the making for a very long time. The organizers are confident that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Furthermore, you may be able to participate in this event by preparing your jokes and sumitting a request to perform at the end of the show. Everyone — especially ladies with talent who feel like they would like to venture into stand-up comedy — are encouraged to attend the show and put in a request to share what they have with the crowd.

What is the lady show?

As opposed to the name, the lady show is not exclusive for ladies but it is an all gender stand-up comedy show. However, the performers are exclusively female comedians famously known as “the ladies.”

“The ladies” always perform as a group of six comedians, with five main ladies and one guest lady comedian. The ladies include:

  • Fatima Dhowre – A regular at the Yuks Yuks comedy club, Fatima Dhowre is an established comedian in Vancouver BC and has also been featured in a number of other shows such as the funny OutTV show and Next Top Comic.
  • Katie-Ellen Humphries – She is a witty and charming comedian who delights audiences with her hilarious perspective and unique voice. A regular among a number of comic shows, Katie never disappoints her audiences. When she is not doing comedy she likes to swim and she is three-time Canadian National Open Water 5k Swim Champion.
  • Morgan Brayton – Morgan is an accomplished film and television actor. One of her most famous shows is the Morgan Brayton & Other people comic show on OutTv. She writes as well as performs comedy and lives in Vancouver with her wife.
  • Robyn Daye-Edwards – Robyn is an award-winning stand-up comedian and an actress. One of her outstanding qualities is the energy she brings to the stage and she always wows her audiences. She is one of the most in-demand stand-up comedians in Vancouver and when she is not doing comedy she likes teaching children how to mix cocktails.
  • Erica Sigurdson – An awarding winning comedy writer, performer, and comedian, Erica has got it all. She performs comedy on CBC television as well as the CBC Radio.
  • Diana Bang – Diana is an actress, writer and producer and has been featured in several films including The Interview.


Where and when

The ladies show on main will be held on June 10th 2016 at the Baltimore Cabaret which is at 2755 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 0A9. The show starts at 8pm but the gates will be open at 7pm. Tickets will be available at the gate.

This is a chance to watch some of the best comic talents in Vancouver and you cannot afford to miss it! Make sure you attend the show and you never know; you might just get the chance to be part of “the ladies.”

City of Bhangra Festival on Main

City of Bhangra Festival on Main


The City of Bhangra Festival is a familiar festival in Vancouver having been held annually since 2004. For more than a decade the residents of Vancouver and visitors as well, have been able to enjoy the unique festival which mainly celebrates the culture and history of the Punjab people in India and Pakistan. The City of Bhangra festival is not a single day festival or event but is a series of festivals carried out at different places all over Vancouver. This year’s festival will be held on June 11th to 18th.

City of Bhangra Festival on Main will be held on June 14th at the Fox Cabaret. Tickets are available at $29.00 and the festival will be held as from 8pm to 9.30pm.

What is Bhangra festival?

Bhangra is a famous style in East Indian folk dance and music that originated from the Punjab regions of Pakistan and India. Originally Bhangra was performed by young and energetic labourers in the Punjab region. This dance was mainly meant to strengthen the bonds between local communities and bridge the economic and social gap that was there between various different communities. Bhangra, first of all, became popular in Great Britain in the 1970s and early 1980s. It was only after the popularity of Bhangra had crossed over to Europe, that it was able to become popular worldwide. Many communities across the globe soon learned about Bhangra and it became very popular, both among the Asian communities living and working abroad as well as people with Indian roots.

Vancouver being a multi-cultured city, has a good number of residents who originated from India and other parts of Asia. The City of Bhangra festival is all about bringing people together while maintaining and showcasing the unique culture of its origins.

What to expect

The festival on Main will be electrifying with plenty of things to look forward to. The main artist for the day will be renowned singer and musician from Punjabi: Vijay Kumar Yamla. Vijay Yamla is an entertainer and a musician trained in the dhol, dholki, and tabla. Being extremely talented, Vijay is also adept to naal, chimta and sapp. His prowess in the industry has seen him travel far and wide to as far as the United Arab Emirates and Korea where he has had very successful performances as well as partnering with other well-established musicians. Vijay is a joy to watch and you can be sure that you will get value for your money. You won’t want to miss City of Bhangra Festival on Main at the Fox Cabaret, so be sure to get your ticket today.