The Baltimore Cabaret Welcomes you to The Lady Show

The Baltimore Cabaret Welcomes you to The Lady Show


It is a comedy thing! That’s right, if you love comedy then you won’t want to miss The Lady Show on Main Street. Held in different parts of the city and the country, The Lady Show is finally on Main Street. This is an event to look forward to, with plans in the making for a very long time. The organizers are confident that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Furthermore, you may be able to participate in this event by preparing your jokes and sumitting a request to perform at the end of the show. Everyone — especially ladies with talent who feel like they would like to venture into stand-up comedy — are encouraged to attend the show and put in a request to share what they have with the crowd.

What is the lady show?

As opposed to the name, the lady show is not exclusive for ladies but it is an all gender stand-up comedy show. However, the performers are exclusively female comedians famously known as “the ladies.”

“The ladies” always perform as a group of six comedians, with five main ladies and one guest lady comedian. The ladies include:

  • Fatima Dhowre – A regular at the Yuks Yuks comedy club, Fatima Dhowre is an established comedian in Vancouver BC and has also been featured in a number of other shows such as the funny OutTV show and Next Top Comic.
  • Katie-Ellen Humphries – She is a witty and charming comedian who delights audiences with her hilarious perspective and unique voice. A regular among a number of comic shows, Katie never disappoints her audiences. When she is not doing comedy she likes to swim and she is three-time Canadian National Open Water 5k Swim Champion.
  • Morgan Brayton – Morgan is an accomplished film and television actor. One of her most famous shows is the Morgan Brayton & Other people comic show on OutTv. She writes as well as performs comedy and lives in Vancouver with her wife.
  • Robyn Daye-Edwards – Robyn is an award-winning stand-up comedian and an actress. One of her outstanding qualities is the energy she brings to the stage and she always wows her audiences. She is one of the most in-demand stand-up comedians in Vancouver and when she is not doing comedy she likes teaching children how to mix cocktails.
  • Erica Sigurdson – An awarding winning comedy writer, performer, and comedian, Erica has got it all. She performs comedy on CBC television as well as the CBC Radio.
  • Diana Bang – Diana is an actress, writer and producer and has been featured in several films including The Interview.


Where and when

The ladies show on main will be held on June 10th 2016 at the Baltimore Cabaret which is at 2755 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 0A9. The show starts at 8pm but the gates will be open at 7pm. Tickets will be available at the gate.

This is a chance to watch some of the best comic talents in Vancouver and you cannot afford to miss it! Make sure you attend the show and you never know; you might just get the chance to be part of “the ladies.”

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