Main St Arts & Entertainment


The residents and visitors of Main Street and Greater Vancouver have plenty on offer when looking for art and entertainment. This region has a very long and interesting history and it is a place that one will definitely enjoy living. Main Street and areas around Main Street are home to many different people of diverse cultures and origins. It is this diversity that makes Main Street Vancouver so unique. The art and entertainment industry is based on the fusion of different cultures of people living here for many decades.

Beginning with art galleries, the 221A gallery offers an architectural snapshot of Main Street Vancouver. There are great architectural designs displayed in this art gallery and the designs are meant to showcase the different cultures and heritage of the people for hundreds of years. If you love architecture, this would be a lovely place to visit.

One of the best attributes of Main Street art and entertainment scene is the promotion of local talent. If you are a visitor or a local and you would like to express your creative narrative abilities then you should visit Gallery Gachet in Downtown Eastside. This art gallery does not only display creative pieces of art but is host to many events, giving local talent an opportunity to grow and show the world what they’ve got.

There is nothing better to wind down a day than an entertaining live show in a public theatre. Playwrights Theatre Centre offers exactly what you need. This is a performing arts group with live performances on several days each week, and all year round.  The shows are always entertaining and relaxing. Enjoy a drink as you enjoy your favourite show and music.

Another favourite way to end the day is watching a good movie. Make sure to catch all the latest movies at Blinding Light. The theatre shows different movie genres on every night of the year. Visit their website and check out which movie is currently playing.

For museum lovers, Vancouver’s Main Street district has got you covered. Main Street offers three very different museum experiences. Rennie Collection at Wing Sang is one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Canada. It has evolved over a number of years to focus on works related to identity, social injustice, appropriation, painting and photography. The Vancouver Police Museum displays over twenty thousand artifacts, covering the history of law enforcement in Vancouver. The museum also features special events like Movies in the Morgue, where horror movies are shown in a real-life morgue. Science World features exhibits and events, relating to science, with a large Omnimax theatre that displays immersive films on wildlife, expeditions, parks, scientific discovery and history.

Main Street is home to six libraries. The Vancouver Public Library in Chinatown is an excellent example. It offers a wide array of books covering many different interests and research topics. There are many Chinese books in this library as well as books on other Asian cultures. The public library also hosts special events like literature nights, storytelling and public lectures.

Main Street is a lively cultural hub of art and entertainment in the City of Vancouver and a wonderful place to live.