About Main Street Vancouver


The Main Street area of Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and historically-important areas in the city. Newer residents are flocking to the area to take advantage of the city’s amenities, history, culture and art – and to find that perfect home that will best suit them and/or their families.

Discover Main Street Vancouver’s Neighborhoods

Downtown Eastside

The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the recent recipient of a $1 billion revitalization plan, is one of the most historical locations in Vancouver. A mix of multi-family housing units and single-family homes, the Downtown Eastside is home to a large number of service personnel, such as paramedics, police and firemen and social service and employment agency representatives. Home to many historical buildings and noteworthy locations, the Downtown Eastside offers residents a great mix of galleries, theaters, restaurants and diners, retail shops, recreation centers and more.


Another area very rich in history, Chinatown is the fastest-growing neighborhood in Vancouver. This neighborhood is an eclectic mix of single-family and multi-family homes, with the majority of them being high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings that are affordable and convenient. Chinatown is home to the Chinatown Night Market, featuring novelty and specialty gifts, electronics, arts and crafts, karaoke and a slew of other vendors. The Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens are also located here, famous for stunning greenery, the beautiful stone pathways and jade ponds, as well as the traditional tings and halls. It is also home to the Chinese New Year Parade, held annually near the first of the year and drawing in 50,000 visitors a year.


A historically-rich and multicultural neighborhood, Strathcona is a blend of single-family historical row houses and multi-family homes. A wide range of housing prices offers something for everyone, from families to young professionals to retirees. Strathcona is home to several important historical sites, including the Lord Strathcona Elementary School which was founded in 1891 and is the oldest school in Vancouver. The neighborhood is the proud home of Benny’s Market, established in 1902 and still open, offering Italian specialty foods and a variety of other goods.

Mount Pleasant

One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the area, Mount Pleasant boasts some of the most gorgeous and historical homes in Vancouver. Many have been completely restored by residents with discriminating tastes. Affordable housing also exists in the form of multi-family townhomes, condos and apartment buildings. Mount Pleasant is home to the Vancouver City Hall and Heritage Hall, which opened in 1916. The neighborhood offers some of the most stunning mountain views as well as 9 beautiful parks.

Riley Park – Little Mountain

Also a very fast-growing neighborhood, Riley Park-Little Mountain is a very family-friendly area with a mix of single-family and multi-family homes. Commercial areas include a blend of upscale boutiques offering trendy furnishings, clothing and other accessories. A plethora of schools, parks, sporting facilities and recreational activities await families with children under the age of 18. It is home to the Vancouver Farmer’s Market, where residents find fresh produce and delicacies of all kinds.


Very ethnically-diverse, Sunset is home to a large population of Punjabi, Chinese and Vietnamese residents. It is a historically-rich neighborhood, once thought of as Vancouver’s Indo-Canadian center. This neighborhood is perfect for those who love art, and features numerous public art displays, including the Welcoming Walkway in front of the Moberly Arts Centre. Sunset is home to the Punjabi Market, as well as a variety of annual festivals which celebrate live music, performance art, and the history and food of the neighborhood.

Punjabi Market

The Punjabi Market spans 4 blocks in the Sunset Neighborhood, stretching down Main Street to offer a slew of colorful, amazing shops. Visitors to the area can purchase vivid Indian bracelets, silk in all shades of the rainbow, traditional Indian foods and plenty of other novelties and specialty items.